Student Expectations  

    Be prepared for class every day. (Read Dress Attire below)

    Be in the gym for attendance as soon as possible.  (5-7 minutes)

    Be respectful to teachers, peers, and equipment.

    Hustle and work to the best of your ability.   Everyone has a different best. Always try your best.

    Demonstrate sportsmanship in all games and activities.

    Have fun.



    Be safe. This includes physical, emotional, and social safety.

              Physical: Being aware of your surroundings and using common sense

              Emotional: An environment free from insults and bullying

              Social: Making others feel welcome

    No GUM, food/drink, or candy allowed in the gym (water is okay).

    No abusive, vulgar or foul language.

    No bullying, insulting or taunting other students.

    Do not touch any of the equipment without permission.



    Bring your own gym clothes. This includes athletic/gym shorts or sweats, a t-shirt, and athletic/tennis shoes (must be tied and tight). Sandals, Crocs, or boots are not allowed in PE.  NO uniform shirts or pants are allowed when participating. Jewelry must be removed before class.


    Grading Criteria

    Each student begins every Marking Period with a grade of 100.  

    Each day a student does not participate, (s)he will lose FIVE (5) points from their total grade. 



    Absence/ Makeup Work:

    Students who are absent for any reason should have makeup for all the classwork they miss. Students are encouraged to talk to the teacher after an absence to find out all the materials they missed. Students are responsible for knowing what is to be made up and seeing that assignments are completed. Most assignments will be through Google Classroom/ Infinite Campus.

    Students are allowed to do makeup or redo work that was assigned previously. Education and learning should be flexible and help students to achieve the most success in their academics.

    Students are responsible for informing or emailing the teacher about submitting their classwork for grading, if they miss or redoing their assignment.




    Writing utensil


    Students are responsible for bringing them to class daily.