• What is a SAC?

    Perth Amboy Student Assistance Counselors (SACs) assists students, families, and staff in the identification and removal of barriers to student development and learning. The Student Assistance Program recognizes that a student’s academic success could be directly impacted by his/her mental health and other life stressors. It is our goal to assist students through a partnership involving their parents, educators, and community providers. We utilize collaborative prevention, intervention, and post intervention services. SACs are not able to provide diagnosis or long-term treatment services but endeavors to connect students and families with appropriate resources. 

    SACs aims to identify at risk students and link them to appropriate services.

    SACs design a Student Assistance Program to help students who are dealing with a variety of personal problems, including those related to alcohol and other drugs.

    SACs take referrals from individuals to help students. Individuals who refer students to the program are NOT getting students into trouble.