•  math
    Ms. Renda
    Math and Science
    About: Welcome to the 2020-21 school year.  I look forward to an exciting year of learning and exploring.  If we all work together I am quite certain that this year will be very successful. Students and parents can contact me through the remind app. My class code is @renda2. I can additionally be contacted through classroom and students can see assignments and activities posted. All students have access to google classroom. 
    If you are in my homeroom Renda,  ( check your schedule)  , please join my google classroom using the following code 7iu44j3
     My class codes for Science period 2 room T14 is x42t2m4.
    My class code math periods 3 and4 room T14  issut4ilq.
    My class code for Science period 6  (if your HR is T11) is smgdzsg.
    My class code for math peirods 7 and 8 (if your HR is T11) 6q24iuj.
    Grading policy:
    60% tests and quizzes
    35% classwork
    5% homework