• Classroom Rules

    Respect: yourself, your Classmates, your environment

    Raise: your hands, your Confidence, your Expectations

    Follow: Class procedures, All directions, School policies


    Always come to class ready to learn and try your absolute best. 

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  • Math Expectations


    - Students will actively particpate and contribute to classroom discussions and discoveries.

    - Students will improve their mathematical skills and develop a better understanding of mathematical concepts.

    - Students will gain strong habits in working in class that will help them analyze their work effectively using mathematical processes.

    - Students will never be afraid to try their very best and make mistakes along the way. Remember the failure leads to success, believe in yourself.



    -Each student respects every other member of our classroom and school community.

    -Each student will put forth their best effort in everything we do.

    -Each student will come prepared for math class and will not leave until they have an understanding of what is required of them for that day.

    -Parents/guardians strengthen our classroom through active engagement at home and open communication with the teacher.


    Tools for Learning, please bring every day:

    -Sharpened pencils with erasers

    -math notebook/journal with plenty of paper.

    -School planner

    -Completed assignments/Howework and signed papers

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