• Hello parents.  I am Miss Freay.  I am the Bilingual English Language Arts (ELA) teacher at McGinnis Middle School for grades 6, 7, and 8.

    I have been teaching for the past 17 years, 13 of those in the elementary school level at The Robert N. Wilentz School.  



    My goal and the goal for all my students is that they all  become better readers and writers by the end of the school year.

    It is my hope that they increase their reading level by 2 or more levels by the end of the school year. We will meet this goal by reading and writing on a  daily basis.  Students must create a daily habit in order for this goal to be met.



    Students can read from assigned weekly readings, newspaper articles, magazines, favorite books they may have at home or books in the classroom or school library.  The important thing is that they read and respond daily to what the learned. 

    I have given each student a notebook or Reading Log (small yellow or blue notebook) so that they may respond to the daily reading assignments.  Students have sample graphic organizers of how they are expected to respond to reading assignments.  We practice in the classroom so they know how to respond to their reading in writing.

    Here are several free websites where they can select books to read online:









    Students are expected to respond comprehension questions about the text they read, or write a summary so that I may check for understanding. Writing daily will make them better readers and less hesitant to want to write.  Students will become more independent as the year progresses.