Gifted Identification

  • In building a multi-measure identification and participation system, we are able to ensure our ability to identify various types of gifted behaviors.  One important aspect to remember is that student participation within the Gifted and Talented program is an ongoing and flexible process. This process includes screenings, informational parent  and teacher input, student performance/products, achievement scores like the (STAR), student interests, as well as ability assessments (CogAT).  The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) will continue to be used as one measure of selection criteria for the Gifted and Talented program. 
     A strong relationship between the identification and services provided ensure that student needs are being met appropriately.  School personnel are looking for both performance and potential performance in their students, remaining cognizant of domain specific and age specific traits.    In looking at participation in this light, the focus is then taken off of identifying students themselves as being gifted or talented through a process of labeling and moving towards identifying and addressing gifted behaviors (Renzulli, 2005).