Criteria for Entry into the Program

  • Second Grade Students

    During the school year, all second graders are given the CogAT. Multiple measures are used to find students who excel in Math, Reading and Writing. Families are then notified about their child’s eligibility to receive Gifted and Talented services in our Regular and Dual Education programs. 


    New Students

    Once school has begun, any students new to the district will be monitored and tested using the CogAT assessment. Students arriving after testing will be monitored for possible testing during the following school year.  


    Transfer Students

    Students who transfer into the Perth Amboy Public School system with verifiable documentation from their previous school district will be screened and placed into the gifted education program with monitoring. 


    Multiple Measures

    The student’s profile will be reviewed to determine eligibility for Gifted and Talented services using Perth Amboy's multiple criteria. Multiple measures used in this determination may include, but are not limited to i-Ready Math, i-Ready Reading, district benchmarks, marking period scores, state assessment data and teacher input.



    Identification Process Step


    CogAT is administered to 2nd grade students and 3rd/4th grade students new to the district.

    March of each school year

    CogAT Scores are screened for the initial nomination list of students, teachers are invited to nominate students in grades 2-4 as well.

    April of each school year

    Multiple measures of data are collected on each student on the nomination list and weighted to determine who may be eligible for the program. These student recommendations are then discussed with building principals and the gifted and talented team.

    May - June of each school year

    Final recommendations are made and mailed to parents/guardians. Students are then enrolled into the program after receiving parental permission.

    Summer of each school year