School Narrative

  • McGinnis


    The William C. McGinnis Middle School Staff, with the continued cooperation of parents, will help students develop an appreciation for excellence, education and leadership. We strive to provide a rigorous curriculum aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards to ascertain that all children learn in a stimulating academic environment that students find both challenging and interesting. We nurture a sense of curiosity, connection, and love of learning that extends beyond the middle school years. This process will include skills for independent decision-making, self-esteem, self-discipline, and responsibility for themselves, their school, the environment and the world. Our efforts will result in students who understand and live the true meaning of the words RESPECT AND LEADERSHIP.

    The William C. McGinnis Middle School is a historic buildingb uilt in 1898 with renovations made in 1995. The school is outfitted with the latest technology. This technology includes SMART Boards, Bright Link 450Wi high-performance projectors + pen combination, laptops, I Pads and Chromebooks. McGinnis houses a total of 1000 students, comprised of  sixth, seventh and eighth-graders. The William C. McGinnis Middle School also has Bilingual / ESL and Special Education Programs in Grades 6 – 8.

    Students at McGinnis are given the opportunity to participate in the New Jersey Institute of Technology Early College Preparatory Summer Programs. In addition, to promote leadership qualities, self-esteem and discipline, we have established a Cadet Leadership Program that is now in its sixth year. In the area of performing arts, our award-winning band has participated in the St. Patrick’s Parade in Washington, D.C. and our band has marched in both the Perth Amboy and Woodbridge Holiday Parades.

    We strive to continue to bring the best education possible to our students and create an environment conducive to learning. To that end, we feel confident that the implementation of the following initiatives in the 2023-2024 school year will result in increased academic achievement and a positive overall climate at William C. McGinnis Middle School:

    • The continuation of the placement of  sixth graders and seventh graders in the William C. McGinnis Gifted and Talented program.
    • Intervention Programs, which were established to address specific instructional needs during the school day. This year the program will provide four (4) modules totaling 88 minutes of language arts or mathematics on a weekly basis.
    • Learning Centers in the Media Room in the morning and afternoon: Serve as an option for students in need of daily assistance with tutoring in the content areas, the ability to retake assessments, homework, assistance with projects or just providing a place to study.
    • Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are back. Staff members will be able to collaborate to identify best practices, revise planning guides and curriculum, conduct curriculum mapping according to the Common Core Standards, and formulate common assessments in order to improve teaching/learning. In the past, the work in PLCs has resulted in improving test scores.  
    • A one-to-one initiative for all grades has been initiated using Chrome Books.
    • We will continue to provide classes in the Arts: Musical, Theatre, Chorus, Band, and Video Production.
    • School-Wide House Model initiative that focuses on positive behaviors and celebrating good behaviors and relationships throughout the school.
    • Implementation of S. W. A. G. (Seven Ways to Achieve Greatness) and Dog Tags: A middle school-wide initiative to improve the school climate and enhance teaching/learning.
    • Student Clubs: Clubs are offered during recess to provide students with the opportunity to interact with other students in an area of common interests including Service Learning, Theater, Chorus, Chess, and Band.
    • A Parent's Room: A place within the school where parents can seek information, work on computers or school-related activities and speak to our home/school liaison.
    • Parent Workshops: Healthy Cooking, NJSLA informational session, March into Fitness, Family Math, Languages Arts, and Science, Covered Dish, and Gingerbread House Extravaganza.



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