Example Student Schedule

  • Our daily classroom schedules provide students the opportunity to build skills in the following six areas of development and learning:

    • Cognitive
    • Fine Motor & Gross Motor
    • Language Arts
    • Literacy 
    • Mathematics
    • Social-Emotional

    Here is an example of what a classroom's daily schedule will look like:

      School Arrival - Breakfast
    Morning Meeting Preschool children participate in morning meeting to review the day's activities, read the morning message, introduce new materials in the classroom, and discuss the current curriculum unit of study.
    Outdoor Gross Motor Play  Provided every day to enhance children's gross motor skills. On inclement weather days, children participate in indoor gross motor play.
    Center Time & Small Group Activities During work time, the children work on their own child-directed activities from various centers. Teachers and paraprofessionals provide additional learning activities within the classroom for small groups of children. Activities focus on  strengthening and developing language, math, literacy, science, social-emotional, cognitive, and writing skills.
    Shared Reading The teacher reads to the children in a large group setting. Paraprofessionals read to smaller groups of children during read alouds.
      Lunch and rest time: Children have one hour of rest time.
    Music & Movement Children learn a variety of songs and movement activities.
    Afternoon Meeting Children discuss what they did today and what they are looking forward to learning tomorrow.
      Aftercare Program (optional outside organizations)