• English Language Arts 7
    English Language Arts 8
    Science 7
    Social Studies 7
    60%:   Formal and Informal Assessments
    35%:   Classwork
    5%:     Homework  
    Academic Integrity: 
    Students are expected to try their best, and be open to learning.  Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated.  Cheating includes copying, sharing, and using "cheat sheets" or other written, verbal, or electronic information which is not allowed.  Work which has been completed through cheating will result in loss of credit for an assignment, project, and/or test.
    Classroom Rules:
    Show respect for the teacher, classmates, to the classroom, and yourself.
    Be on time. Class will begin promptly at the beginning of each period.
    Be an active participant in class.  The more you participate, the more you will get from the class.
    Electronic devices are prohibited.  This is a school rule.
    The uniform policy is enforced. 
    Additional Information:
    Students are not to ask for makeup work at the end of the marking period.  Work is to be completed consistently during the marking period.
    Extra help is available.  If a student is unclear about material, it is important that he/she asks for help.