• Mathematics Department:


    VISION: To inspire critical thinkers that can find attainable solutions through the application of mathematics.


    MISSIONDevelop a Mathematics Program in which all students have access to a high-quality and rigorous mathematics curriculum and classrooms that emphasize critical thinking, mathematical discourse and real world applications. 


    The Perth Amboy Mathematics Department held a 24 Game Tournament for Middle School Students. The Semi-Final and Final Rounds were livestreamed on June 2nd (Grades 5-6) and June 3rd (Grades 7-8). Students were cheered on by their classmates through the livestream as they competed to see which middle school would come out on top!

    Shull School came out on top with the overall win for both 5-6th grade and 7-8th grade. Here are the winners for each grade level: 

    5th Grade:  

    Prince Bernadin  –  1st Place and Overall Winner , Shull School 

    Christopher Nieves –  2nd Place, McGinnis School 

    Anniery Rosario – 3rd Place, McGinnis School 


    6th Grade: 

    Bayron Gonzalez  –  1st Place, DLS 

    Miguel Hernandez – 2nd Place, Shull School 

    Lamont King – 3rd Place, McGinnis School 


    7th Grade:  

    Martin Castro  –  1st Place, Shull School 

    Valerie Perez –  2nd Place, DLS 

    Jada Payano – 3rd Place, McGinnis School 


    8th Grade: 

    Joshua Pena  –  1st Place and Overall Winner, Shull School 

    Edwar Abreu – 2nd Place, Shull School 

    Alina Valdez – 3rd Place, McGinnis School 

    Tune in to see which Middle School will hold the 24 Game Champion Title next year!! 

    Overall Winners for the Tournament and Shull School Semi-Finalist and Finalist Participants

    DLS and McGinnis School Semi-Finalist and Finalist Participants







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    Ms. Jamie Gulotta

    Director of Math, PreK - 12



    Ms. Marie Bermudez

    Supervisor of Mathematics, PreK - 5



    Mr. Michael Wieczorek

    Supervisor of Mathematics, 6-12