• Hello from Room 107

    The students in 107 are having a great time in their classroom. They have been very busy with their studies.

    This mounth they are  studying dental hygiene. The children are  enjoy pretending to be the dentist working in a dentist office, building dentist offices where they are measuring, counting the blocks and identify the different shapes they see.  And, you should see the beautiful art profjects they have created.

    The students are also learning good techniques on how to properly care for  their teeth. Ask your child what could happen if you don't take care of your teeth. 


    We also had a good time on Valentine's Day. Pleaase check out the pictures of the festivity that went on theat day.


    Friendly reminder: Conerences are March 4   (5pm-7pm) 

                                                               March 5 (1pm-2:20pm)