• Good morning!! It is Terrific Tuesday!!!! It is going to be a great day! I have a lot of fun things to do today so let’s get started.

    Today is terrific Tuesday!!(thumbs up), April 7, 2020. The weather is sunny and warm. The temperature is 60. It is  a nice day to go for a walk around your neighborhood. (keep your distance) See how many different vehicles you can spot.

    Today's activities:

    Let’s pretend we're going for a ride on a train. Get chairs and set them up like you are on a train. Make role cards. One can be the engineer, the person who drives the train. Make another for a conductor, the person who collects the tickets. Lastly, make a passenger one. This person rides the train. Make a ticket. Write a place you would like to go. It can be anywhere. It’s your train. I’m going to Disney World in Florida. On the ticket, write the place, a time (10:00), the date (4-7-2020) and your name. Just have fun.

    If you live near the train station or tracks, with your parent and keeping a safe distance, go check out a train. Draw a picture of a train and label it. Read to book, Freight Train by, Donald Crews. You can listen to the story on YouTube and make the props by going to KIzclub (look on Interesting Resources on the websites).

    Sing the song, Down by the Station. Go to Google and pick a song your like.

    Remember to practice writing you S’s and threes. Say the poems as your write them. For a fun activity do three summersaults or spins.

    View the S videos from Leapfrog and ABC mouse.com

    Another book you can listen to is, Clifford’s Happy Easter.


    Scholl’s Activity: Go on a scavenger hunt.