April 9, 2020

    Good morning!! It is Thankful Thursday!! Thumbs up!!! It’s going to be a great day.

    Today is Thankful Thursday, April 9, 2020. The weather is cloudy and it might rain. (sing the rainy and the cloudy songs).

    I have a lot of fun activities for you to do today.

    It is unicorn day! What is a unicorn? It is a horse with one horn on its head. Google it and see how pretty it is. There is also a nice unicorn song on YouTube. Click on THE UNICORN SONG the Irish Rovers-Lyrics. Draw/create a Unicorn. Write the word unicorn, you name and date. (give your unicorn a name that begins with S)

    For a math activity, go into your refrigerate and count your eggs. Think of three ways you can eat eggs. Draw that many eggs and write the number. Be creative and color /design your egg picture. Send me a picture.

    Book: Happy Easter Mouse-notice the position words used.


    For a movement activity. Take an egg. (Hardboiled if possible)

    Put the egg over your head, behind your back, between your legs, under your chin, in front of you nose, beside your leg and on your hand. Think of another way to place your egg.

    Have fun, stay well and I hope to see you soon. XOXOXO.

    Ms. Runco