• April 3, 2020

    Good morning boys and girls. How are you doing!!!!!

    I love all the pictures and notes you are sending me. Keep them coming.

    Let’s begin today’s activities.

    Today is Fantastic Friday, April 3, 2020. Do the Friday dance. (CHA-CHA-CHA) It is HAT DAY. Wear a funny hat and send a picture.

    The weather is cloudy and will probably rain. (Sing the cloudy and rainy songs.) So for your music and movement activity, go to Google, type in YOGA FOR KIDS and click on one of the videos.

    For shared reading, act out the book, The Bus For Us.

    Have people in your family be one of the vehicles. As you listen to the story, act out what that vehicle does. For example, when the fire engine enters, make a siren noise. Be creative and have fun.

    For Dramatic Play, pretend you need to call one of the vehicles in the book. Have your parents look for one in the phone book, and write the number down. Pretend to dial the number and ask for help. For example, if you dialed a taxi, tell the person who you are and where you want to go. (Identify the numbers as you pretend to dial it.)

    For your letters and numbers activities. Go on a hunt in your home and look for r’s and 2’s. Try to find 5 of each.

    Other activities you can do are:

    Draw a picture of your favorite community helper wearing a hat. Write your name and date 4-3-20.

    Keep in touch and stay safe and well. I will post the next activities on Monday. Love you. Ms. Runco