• United States History 2


    Instructor: Mr. Liddick                          Phone: 732-376-6030                                     Email:    shawliddick@paps.net
                                                                                                                                                                  (Preferred Method of Communication)


    This is a full year course of United States History starting from the Great Depression in 1928 to the present era. U.S. History II continues and develops a historical understanding and appreciation of American history that was begun in U.S. History I, that recognizes the connections of the Global framework within American History and other disciplines. The emphasis will be on students expanding their cognitive thinking skills that support their ability to challenge assumptions, think creatively, and recall social studies concepts learned previously, including the four themes of history, economics, civics, and geography. Most importantly, the US History II course will improve students’ proficiency in reading, writing, and communication.

    Classroom Procedures/Protocols:

    ALL policies provided by the school district and the high school shall be in effect at all times. The includes rules about uniforms and electronic devices. Don’t have your electronic devices out or in your desk and yes, your ID is part of your uniform.

         General Classroom Conduct and Expectations:

         To ensure a productive learning environment:
                    1. Be on time for class and in your seat when the second bell rings and ready to work. Please note the new              
                       tardiness policy for the school. Students must be clear of the door before the bell ends.
                    2. Respect all class members and their property.
                    3. No food in the classroom.
                    4. Follow all directions the first time they are give.
                    5. Hall passes are issued on an emergency basis only.
                    6. Turn in your assignments by the expected due dates.

         Grading System:
                    - NOTE: Subject to change by administrative order

                    Tests Grades                                               60%
                    Quizzes                                                        30%
                    Classwork/Homework                              10%

    • There will be a minimum of four test grades over the course of a marking period.

    • There will be a minimum of eight quiz grades over the course of a marking period.

    • There will be a minimum of ten classwork and/or homework grades over the course of a marking period.

    • Everything in class is graded.

    Course Outline: All topics are subject to change.

    • First Quarter: Great Depression through World War II

    • Second Quarter: Post World War II to the end of the Eisenhower Administration

    • Third Quarter: The 1960s and 1970’s

    • Fourth Quarter: 1980 to the present.

    Mr. Liddick's instructional background includes:

    Dual B.A. in Political Sciene and History from Lock Haven University (Spring 93)
    Master of Arts in Teaching from Monmouth University (Spring 96)
    Vocational Certificate in PC Hardware Repair - Alpha Train Vocational School (Spring 99)
    Masters of Science in Educational Leadership from Monmouth University (Spring 03)