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    About the Health Sciences Academy

    Students in the Health Sciences Academy will get an introduction to the many careers in the health and medical industry.  Students will have the option to take classes that earn college credits, in addition to the high school credits needed for graduation. All students will receive a medical certification to add to their resume for obtaining employment or admittance to colleges to further their studies.


    Overall Health Sciences Academy Goals


    • Provide students with the foundational knowledge related to the health and medical field, including career options and skill-based learning.
    • Apply health and medical topics to their learning in all content areas.
    • Offer dual-enrollment courses where students build a college resume, while earning high school credits for graduation.
    • Gain experience in applying their course's learning in authentic medical settings in the community.
    • Provide opportunities for students to earn medical certifications that enrich a college or employment resume.


    Possible Career Opportunities:






    Physical Therapist          

    Physician Assistant      




    Medical Assistant

    Physical/Occupational Therapist                 

    Physical Trainer            

    Athletic Trainer


    Application Process:

    Applications for the academy are now closed. Applications will re-open in January 2023. More information will be available in the 9th Grade Program English classes.

  • For More Information Please contact:

    Dr. Damian Medina,  Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

    Ms. Jinny De Jesus, Supervisor of Science

    Mr. Aly Abdelgaward, District Instructional Leader-Science

    Dr. Charles Ezell, Vice Principal

    Mrs. Vanina Gimenez, Guidance Counselor