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    About Mrs. Soderholm:


    St. Mary's College of Maryland '07 (B.A., History)               

    Monmouth University '10 & '12 (M.A., History and MAT, K-12 Social Studies, ESL and K-6 Education)

    My classroom is about learning, self-reflection, and personal/civic responsibility. 

    We live in a world where our voices CAN carry, as long as we are willing to put forth the effort! The 2020-2021

    school year is my 7th year at PAHS, and my 9th year teaching! I have two sons, Noah and Liam.


    Favorite hobbies/interests:

    Outside of history, I also love 80s music and 80s style Synth Wave, zombie comics/books/shows/movies, collecting weird stuff from thrift stores, cooking Southern food, talking about Southern Maryland, crab stuff and decorating classrooms


    Favorite sports teams:

    New York Mets, New Jersey Devils, New York Red Bulls and Rutgers Basketball


    Favorite animals:

    Cows, sloths, llamas and seals. I have three dogs (Thora, Marty and Andy), two hermit crabs and two fish


    Favorite TV shows:

    Futurama, The Walking Dead, JAG, Z Nation, Quantum Leap


    Favorite movies:

    Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Cranes are Flying, Back to the Future


    My google sites are below! Please utilize them for materials and information! 

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