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    Virtual Back to School Night Presentation 


    Period 1 & 2 

    A&P-1 half year course/A&P-2 half year course 


    Period 5, lab on Tuesdays period 6 



    Period 8 & 9 

    Anatomy & Physiology-2 with Medical Terminology

    CLASS OF 2021


    Science Department
    Ext: 23-745
    Welcome to the Wonderful World of Science, where you will begin to understand the wonders that make our amazing world so amazing.
    I'm excited to be your teacher because I know when we work together, we will find the BEST way for you to learn. My job is to help you become the best student that you can possibly be, and your job is to come to class everyday, ready to participate at 100%.
    I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Monmouth University, and a Doctorate degree in Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College.  There will be many times during class when my experiences from my previous careers will benefit you, in terms of understanding science.
    I am here to help you. I check my email often and I encourage you to contact me should you have any questions at all. ArleRoncin@paps.net
    2020-2021: Dr. Arlene Roncin is teaching
     Anatomy-1 ( first half of the year) Period 1&2
     Anatomy-2 (2nd half of the year)  Period 1&2
    Anatomy & Physiology-2 with Medical Terminology  Period 8&9
    College Prep Biology Period 5, lab Tuesdays period 6