•  Math is fun!!!
    Math Department
    Ext: x23437
    Mrs. A. Ramos   


    •        Algebra 2 
    •       Intro to Statistics


    • I will be available for extra help after school Mondays and Wednesdays.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns by email at aminramos@paps.net.  

    Classroom Rules

    1. Bring your materials to class every day. (textbook, notebook, and something to write with). Be working on your opening assignment when the bell rings (be on time and in your seat).
    2. Be prepared to do your best in class each day (stay on your assigned seat, no head down, don’t work on another subject, avoid disruptive behavior).
    3. Help your classmates and yourself by respecting the rights of all students to learn (Do not call out answers).
    4. Follow school rules, wear your UNIFORM,  (hats, headphones, beepers, cell phones, food or drinks, violence, bullying, etc. are not permitted in class).


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