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    Greetings!  As a Bilingual, Social Studies instructor my goal, as per our Board's mandate and NJ Department of Education directives, is to assist students in the development of a knowledge base and academic skills commensurate with 21st century demands and expectations.  My current classes for the 2020-2021academic year are Sociology and General Psychology.  Please note that as we are fully online, it is critical that student(s) show their faces during class presentations and that they complete assignments in Google Classroom as per dates indicated. (For GC codes. please contact instructor directly, or guidance counselor for assistance.)
    With regards to my academic background, this lies in the areas of Art History, Philosophy, Rhetoric, Psychology, and U.S./European History, specializing in critical thinking skills and bilingual education.  These year's classes hold great potential as they directly relate to the social issues prevalent in our nation, today! 
    Classroom expectations, are as per the protocol established by PAHS administartion.  More specifically, these includes the following:  Punctuality with classwork/homework; verbal and written class participation; and evidence of student's satisfactory completion of assigned homework, assessments, and/or projects.  There will an emphasize on critical reading and writing assignments.  If the student is experiencing life related issues or difficulties with electornic equipment, it will be his/her responsibility to contact/see the instructor at the student's earliest possible opportunity.  To this end, the student/parent may avail themselves of the information that appears at paps.net (high school).
    If you encounter any issues with these, please contact me through the email address that appears above.