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    Welcome parents, students, staff and faculty to the PAHS Nurses Office !
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    NEW for parents: Helping Children Cope with Changes from Covid-19   English version; Spanish version

    We are here to provide care to your child in case of illness or an accident at school. Nurses work closely with the staff and parents to keep your children healthy by addressing health problems or concerns.
    Student Health Records
    Health records for students are maintained at the PAHS Campus where they attend (ie. MAIN, EAST, SOUTH, PLP)
    Physical Examinations
    All new students to the district must have a physical examination. Physicals are only acceptable if they were within the last 11 months.

    Your son/daughter will need to be up to date with all immunizations. If your daughter/son has any chronic medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes etc. we will need additional medical information to adequately care for them while in school. Sports physicals are required for participation in all sports. While it is best for your child to obtain a sports physical through his medical home, sports physicals are also available at the Perth Amboy Public School Health Clinic.  Appointments are scheduled by the high school nurse at the campus your child attends. The Perth Amboy School District's Medical Director must review and clear all sports physicals prior to sports practice or participation. If you do not have health insurance there are several medical providers in the community that can assist. Please contact the nurse's office for information regarding medical providers.
    Medical Updates
    If your child has a chronic illness or will need medications on a daily basis we must have a medical update for the new school year. We have forms availabe for:
    1. Medication administration 
    2. Asthma Action Plans (AAP)
    3. Food allergies
    4. Seizure plans
    Should you need additional information please contact your school nurse.
    Durable Medical Equipment
    If your child requires the use of any durable medical equipment while in school such as crutches, wheelchair, cane, etc. a physician's order/note is required.

    Hepatitis B Requirement
    All students grades 9 through 12 are required to have 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccination. Should you need additional information please contact the nurse. 

    Meningitis Vaccination
    A new law as of January 2004 now requires the meningitis vaccination for all New Jersey college bound students. This immunization is now available for children 11 years and up.

    If your child receives any immunizations, please send in the immunization record so that the school immunization record is kept up-to-date.  An up-to-date immunization record is especially important for high school seniors applying for college entrance.


    Administrative policy of the Perth Amboy Public Schools requires the school nurse to have written permission from the parent and attending physician to administer any medication in school .

    Medication administered by the school nurses should be done only in exceptional circumstances wherein the child's health maybe jeopardized.

    Forms may be obtained from any school nurse's office.

    PARENTS:  Please make sure all emergency contact information listed on the Emergency Card is kept current and accurate.  New cards are available in the nurse's office.
    Procedure for Registering Your Child in Perth Amboy High School
    All new or returning students to any of the PAHS Campuses require registration at the Central Registration office at 178 Barracks Street.  Please bring your child's up to date immunization record which is required for registration.  If your child has a physical examination less than 11 months old please bring a copy of the physical examination. Most registrants who do not have up to date immunizations and/or a physical will be given provisional admittance and allowed 30 days to complete both of these requirements as per New Jersey Statutes. Occasionally, provisional status cannot be granted to registrants. In some cases a physical, immunizations, physician medical orders, or medical clearance is required prior to a registrant beginning school. During all registrations, clear and complete information is provided to all parents/guardians.  In addition, the nurse can assist parents/guardians is meeting all the necessary requirements for their child to enter PAHS.  In the event that your child has a chronic medical condition, requires specific clearance to enter school, or has another medical, social, or emotional condition, please contact the school nurse at the campus where your child attends to discuss his/her specific health needs.
    Additional Health Related Information:
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