PAHS 1:1


    PAHS 1 to 1 PAHS 1 to 1 PAHS 1 to 1

    Every student in grades 10-12 at Perth Amboy High School will receive their own Chromebook to use in school and bring home to support learning inside and outside of school.

     At the August 23rd Board of Education Meeting, Dr. David Roman, Superintendent of Schools, announced that every student in grades 10, 11, and 12 at Perth Amboy High School will receive their own laptop at the beginning of the school year. This 1:1 technology initiative is an example of the renaissance taking place in the Perth Amboy School District.  When announcing this initiative at the Board of Education meeting, Dr. Roman thanked the Board of Education for approving this new initiative which supports the concept of equitable education. Teachers at all four high school campuses will also be receiving their own Lenovo laptops to take home with them during the opening days of the school year.

    “The 1:1 Student Laptop Initiative will extend and expand learning beyond the four walls of the classroom and the brick and mortar of the school building.  It will give the multi-talented high school students in Perth Amboy the ability to use educational technology to create, to innovate, and quite literally change the world.” said Dr. Vivian Rodriguez, Assistant Superintendent for Learning/Educational Services

    The initiative vision is supported by the three pillars of a 1:1: 1) student engagement 2) collaboration & 3) personalized learning.  These three pillars create a strong foundation to support student achievement. An example of pillar one would involve visual and performing arts students using their laptops to create digital portfolios.  An example of pillar two would involve students using their Chromebooks to code/create prototypes to print on the school’s new 3D printer. An example of pillar three would involve students using their Chromebooks at home to work on ALEKS, the district’s adaptive math platform.

    The district has developed appropriate acceptable use policies that will be shared with teachers, students, and their families in the upcoming weeks. These policies explain the responsibilities of all stakeholders to ensure a successful implementation of the 1:1 initiative.  Teachers are also receiving their own laptops to take home as part of this initiative.