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    Biological Sciences 
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     My Back to School Presentation can be found at this link: Back to School Presentation 2020

    Welcome to my web page.

    For the 2020-2021 school year, I will be teaching the classes found below.

    Honors Biology Period 1 

    Honors Biology Period 3
    Biology Period 4 
    Biology Period 6
    Honors Biology Period 8 
    I am also proud to be the advisor for the Health Sciences Academy HOSA Chapter. HOSA stands for the Health Occupation Students of America and is a professional organization for students interested in a career on the medical field where they can network with healthcare professionals, learn more about their career choices, participate in health related competitions in which they can win scholarship monies, and many more areas for growth within the healthcare profession. (https://www.paps.net/domain/3047) 
    Welcome to my web page! 
    I have been a teacher in Perth Amboy since September 1994. My first 9 years were spent at the McGinnis School teaching 7th and 8th grade science, both regular and G&T. I very much enjoyed that experience at the time. When a position opened up at the High School for a Biology teacher, I jumped at it. I have been at the High School since 2002 teaching Freshman IPS, Honors Biology, Biology CP, AP(C) Biology, AP(c) Environmental Science, and Environmental Science.
    People ask me 'Why Perth Amboy?'
    I ask 'Why not?' This town has such great potential and promise. I have enjoyed doing my part to educate the children of this town to be successful adults. There have been many success stories, and many more to come. I do not plan on going anywhere else.
    My room is a place that students (some not even mine) like to be in. I have a little zoo of animals that currently includes 5 Red Eared Slider turtles who were rescued from being released into nature where they would not have survived, a gecko named Bruni (he is a spotted leopard gecko), a tank of Madagascar hissing cockroaches, and countless fish. In case you have not noticed, I am a HUGE fan of all things Disney and my animals are named after characters from the films.  Being a Biology teacher, living animals are an important part of my daily life. At home, I have cats, a guinea pig, another gecko (an albino leopard gecko named Frank), and a chinchilla.