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    Biological Sciences 
    Ext: x23650
    IF you wish to join the google classroom page for your class, below are the codes for each class I teach - just look for your class period.
    Period 1 Biology - kvvsayp
    Period 3 Honors Biology - 7iztmg5
    Period 5 Biology - 65xhdn4
    Period 6 Biology - mmoaw7g
    Period 8&9 AP Environmental Science - 6br55qs
    Welcome to my web page! 
    I have been a teacher in Perth Amboy since September 1994. My first 9 years were spent at the McGinnis School teaching 7th and 8th grade science, both regular and G&T. I very much enjoyed that experience at the time. When a position opened up at the High School for a Biology teacher, I jumped at it. I have been at the High School since 2002 teaching Freshman IPS, Honors Biology, Biology CP, AP(C) Biology, AP(c) Environmental Science, and Environmental Science.
    People ask me 'Why Perth Amboy?'
    I ask 'Why not?' This town has such great potential and promise. I have enjoyed doing my part to educate the children of this town to be successful adults. There have been many success stories, and many more to come. I do not plan on going anywhere else.
    My room is a place that students (some not even mine) like to be in. I have a little zoo of animals that currently includes 5 Red Eared Slider turtles who were rescued from being released into nature where they would not have survived, a gecko named Bruni (he is a spotted leopard gecko), a tank of Madagascar hissing cockroaches, and countless fish. In case you have not noticed, I am a HUGE fan of all things Disney and my animals are named after characters from the films.  Being a Biology teacher, living animals are an important part of my daily life. At home, I have cats, a guinea pig, another gecko (an albino leopard gecko named Frank), and a chinchilla.