Hello and Welcome.


    My name is Gary 'David' Signor and I teach Earth/Space Science and Forensic Science. 

    Both courses apply Science principals to explore and answer questions. During the year I will provide students with structure and direction as we explore these naturally exciting and modern subjects.

    While most subjects are grounded here on Earth, Earth/Space Science has no such boundaries. We will discover the workings of planet Earth, our Sun, the Moon and our Solar System. But we won't stop there. We will travel beyond the Milky Way galaxy as we consider, contemplate and realize the many fascinating components of our Universe. We will explore the many challenges the people of Earth will face in the near future. While on this journey, we will review the many people, mechanisms and science used in the pursuit of this knowledge.

    Forensic Science will explore scientific techniques for determining what occurred in the past; typically, at a crime scene. Using many of the other fields of science, students will learn techniques for gather evidence in the ultimate goal of drawing a conclusion; or, figuring out “who dun it?”. We with go beyond the crime scene and investigate evidence of early man and art forgeries.

    Both courses are highly recommended for any future scientists, engineers or any inquisitive student wanting to explore our fascinating world.