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    email address:     GarySignor@paps.net


    Teacher:  Gary 'David' Signor


                                                  This page was updated on March 16, 2020

                                        It was Specially Modified for the Corona Virus- Home Learning


    Class Codes:

          Earth & Space- Class Code- qovfxyz

          Forensics- guuwxye

          Chemistry LLD- 7jwlemb


    Students: My goal is to provide you with about 3.5 hours of work per week, it may not be day-to-day assignments of 40 minutes each but perhaps larger assignments. Some assignments you will hold onto and submit later, others will be submitted to Google classroom. Lessons begin on March 17th.

    Tip1: Get organized. Being organized is a lot less work than being disorganized. Get folders, write schedules, keep notes, etc.

    Tip2: Take this opportunity to strengthen yourself in as many ways as possible. Mentally, physically, socially, etc. **

    Tip3: If you feel like you might have the corona virus, do the following:

    1. Stay calm, it is actually just a nasty form of the flu. It is rarely life threatening to people under 50-years old.
    2. Tell an adult.
    3. Call your doctor or hospital for instructions. I don't suggest just going to them, you may get stuck waiting and infect more people. Calling first is a safe policy being used in many parts of the U.S.
    4. Stay away from other people.  Stay home.
      Symptoms: This is a respiratory infection, so you will feel it in your lungs and throat, you will be coughing a lot. You will have a fever over 100.4 F which will give you cold-chills.
               These are just my tips. Get Professional Help.


    ** 10 Ways to Gain Strength

    1. Read more.
    2. Eat real food, not food-like products. Become food-educated. Watch 'Food Matters'.
    3. Listen to NPR radio. 93.9 FM. or https://www.npr.org      click: Listen Live
    4. Get outdoors. Be adventurous. Get exercise.
    5. The experience you have in video games, social media or internet . . . are not experiences.  Get Real.
    6. Include people who "are Not like you" in your life.  
    7. Read more.
    8. Less Entertainment, more Education. Watch non-fiction.
    9. Respect anyone trying to teach you anything.    Thank them.
    10. To have a good friend, you must be a good friend.     Friendships are important.