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    About the Communications Academy

    The Communications Academy offers students a unique and specialized program that develops students’ skills to clearly communicate in many college and career situations across varied major courses of study and careers in many industries.

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    Overall Academy Goals:

    • Provide students with an understanding of the foundational principles of Communications, including communication process, perception, verbal and nonverbal communications and how to apply these principles in various contexts.
    • Help students develop an understanding of various communication, journalism and media studies careers; ensuring that students can express themselves fluently and produce content across varied media platforms.  
    • Provide opportunities for students to explore the social, political and cultural functions of media so that students can grow into contributing members of society
    • Develop leaders in new media, social networking and technology, so Perth Amboy students are at the forefront of emerging communications trends.
    • Engage students in issues pertaining to their own community and provide students the tools necessary to effectively advocate on behalf of themselves and others.


    Possible Career Opportunities:

    Journalist                     Filmmaker                   Photographer              Animator                     Graphic Designer

    Court Reporter            Translator                    Director of Public Affairs


    Application Process:

    Applications for the academy are now closed. Applications will re-open in January 2021. More information will be available in the 9th Grade Program English classes.


    For More Information Please contact:

    Dr. Vivian Rodriguez, Assistant Superintendent for Learning/Educational Services

    Mr. Brian Wilson, Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts - BriaWilson@paps.net

    Ms. Allison McMorrow, School Counselor - AlliMcMorrow@paps.net

    Mr. Nicholas Cano, School Counselor - NichCano@paps.net