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    My 2023-2024 Schedule is below

    Period 3 - Financial Literacy

    Period 4 - Financial Literacy

    Period 6 - Financial Literacy

    Period 7 - Financial Literacy

    Period 8 - Financial Literacy

    Period 9 - Financial Literacy

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    Financial Literacy is a course that will familiarize you with financial responsibility and decisions that you will be faced with in the real world. You will learn about the decision-making process as it relates making smart financial decisions, making money, budgeting, living on your own, buying a home, banking services, credit, credit cards, cars and loans, the influence of advertising, consumer awareness, saving and investing, dealing with personal financial issues, and consumer privacy.

    A variety of activities will be done in class including written assignments, Internet and computer activities pertaining to chapter concepts, group and individual participation, and individual projects.

    Your grade will be based on completed classwork (40% of marking period grade) and summative assessments (60% of marking period grade).

    This class is a GRADUATION REQUIREMENT as set forth by New Jersey State Law and is a 2 ½ credit course since it is only a half-year course.

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    Course Expectations:

    • Class assignments are to be followed in the order given and turned in by the “due” date. Late assignments will be accepted with a loss of a letter grade for each day it was late unless you were absent. If absent, you have two weeks to make up missed classwork and one week to make up summative assessments.
      All work is to be submitted to me through Google Classroom.
    • Neatness counts. Most assignments will be done on the computer but on occasion, there may be handwritten assignments. If I can’t read it, I can’t grade it.
    • Remember the Golden Rule. Treat everyone in the room with the same amount of respect you would want for yourself.
    • No food or drink (other than a water bottle) are allowed in the classroom unless you have a medical exception note from the School Nurse. Water bottles must be covered at all times.
    • No electronic devices or cell phones are allowed to be used unless directed so by me.
    • Academic Integrity is an expectation at Perth Amboy High School. Plagiarism, cheating and collusion are prohibited. Plagiarism is defined as passing of another person’s work as your own. Students who fail to observe these standards will be given a zero for the assignment in question and submitted to your appropriate vice-principal for disciplinary action.

    Syllabus Changes: As your instructor, I retain the right to make changes to the course timeline or required assignments. Changes will be communicated through the use of your student email accounts, Google Classroom and classroom announcements.

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    Financial Literacy