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    Department: Social Studies
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    carlbaltodano@paps.netMr. Baltodano: Welcome's you from The Great Wall of China
     Hi welcome to Mr. Baltodano's school webpage!!
    I hope that this site will be useful to you and that you can gain some insight about my personality and teaching style.
    I have been a school teacher for 24 years, twenty of those years have been at the Perth Amboy High School main building and the last four I have been at the 9th Grade Academy at the South Campus.
    I am presently teaching World history and Freshman seminar. In the past I have taught United States history and Latin American history. I appreciate teaching history because I am fascinated by events that have occurred in the past and how they have impacted us in the present and wonder how our actions today will affect us in the future. I enjoy coming to class and interacting with all my students because I believe that everyone is capable of learning something new and at the same time perhaps gain an interest on how history is part of our knowledge.
    I hope that I will get to meet you during the school year and introduce myself in person. Let's all have a great school year!!!