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    Department: Social Studies
    Ext: 23478
    carlbaltodano@paps.netMr. Baltodano: Welcome's you from The Great Wall of China
     Hi welcome to Mr. Baltodano's school webpage!!
    I hope that this site will be useful to you and that you can gain some insight about my personality and teaching style.
    I have been a school teacher for 27 years at PAHS and 29 years total in education, twenty-two of those years have been at the Perth Amboy High School main campus and five were at the 9th Grade Academy at the South Campus.
    I am presently teaching United States History at the main campus. In the past I have taught World History, African American History, Latin American History, Financial Literacy, and Sociology. I appreciate teaching history because I am fascinated by events that have occurred in the past and how they have impacted us in the present and wonder how our actions today will affect us in the future. I enjoy coming to class and interacting with all my students because I believe that everyone is capable of learning something new and at the same time perhaps gain an interest on how history is part of our knowledge.
    I hope that I will get to meet you during the school year and introduce myself in person. Let's all have a great school year!!! 
    The Following information is for the online courses that I am currently teaching at the PAHS main building campus. I will be posting each day the giving assignment online and I will be online during the course of the day to help the students with their giving daily assignment. You may ask questions in the comment section of your assignment. You must be online each day and complete the assignment and upload it so that you may be given credit for the work. If you do not do the assignment you  will be giving a missing grade and lose points each day that it is late.
    La siguiente información es para los cursos en línea que actualmente estoy enseñando en el campus del edificio principal de PAHS. 
    Publicaré cada día la tarea de asignacion en línea y estaré en línea durante el transcurso del día para ayudar a los estudiantes con su tarea
    diaria. Puede hacer preguntas en la sección de comentarios de su tarea. Debe estar en línea todos los días y completar la tarea y
    subirla para que se le otorgue crédito por el trabajo. Si no hace la tarea, perderá puntos cada día que sea tarde.


    Teacher Name: Carlos Baltodano


    Teacher’s School email address: carlbaltodano@paps.net


    Department: Social Studies


    Course Title: United States History