•  Mr. Michael Byleckie
    4th Grade Teacher
    Ext: (732)376-6080 


    Welcome to Room 46!
    Where students learn the importance of:
    As a member of this team : TEAM BYLECKIE -
    you ARE a winner!
    Hello parents and fellow scholars,
    In my class, students will be expected to READ and STUDY MATH FACTS EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!  Make sure your child is reading to an adult, so help can be provided when your child is struggling with a word or understanding of the passage.  Students are going to learn the importance of HONESTY, POLITENESS and RESPECT throughout the school year.  They will learn these values through daily experiences, past experiences and experiences yet to come!  In fourth grade, students should know ALL 144 multiplication facts!  IF YOU DON'T, GET TO IT!! I have study sheets students can take home to practice at home, at school, on the bus or in the car!  Parents, with your help, we will make a great team for your child's future successes and endeavors!!
    This year will be one your child remembers FOREVER!
    Hard work pays off!!