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    Mrs. Heather Renaud

    Social Studies

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    Favorite hobbies/interests:
    Reading + spending time with my family + cooking + gardening + traveling
    Favorite sports teams:
    RUTGERS Scarlet Knights + NY Giants + NY Yankees
    Favorite animals:
    My cats, Luna, Daphne & Gabby
    Favorite vacation spots:
    LBI + anywhere around the world
    Favorite TV shows:
    House of Cards + Law and Order:SVU
    Favorite movies:
    Forrest Gump + Lion King + Pretty Woman + Love Actually
    Fun fact:
    I ran the NYC Marathon the year after my first son was born!
  • The Renauds

    Samuel E. Shull School
    8th Grade Social Studies
    United States History 
    Phone: 732-376-6060 ext: 26-334
    Email: heatrenaud@paps.net
    Google Classroom Codes:
    ABC Cycle: kf3ufkp
    DEF Cycle: 8romy6y
    Appointment Times:
    1:45 pm-2:30 pm
     Please call ahead or email to schedule
    an appointment and to ensure my availability.
    You can also reach me by text message through
    the REMIND App. These are the codes:
    ABC Cycle: k624ck
    DEF Cycle: e943fc
    *When you sign up, please sign up with your child's name,
    but please add "mom," "dad," or "grandma at the end*
    Thank you!