• The following is what students see on the syllabi for all of my classes: 


    Class Expectations

    1.     Try your hardest – always; push yourself to understand more and to do better.
    2.     Take your education seriously – Knowledge really is power. Learn something new every day and own your education.
    3.     Set high expectations for yourself - I will challenge you every day because I know that you can achieve. Positivity breeds more positivity. Do. Not. Ever. Give. Up.
    4.     Ignore the critics – If anyone ever tells you that you cannot achieve your goals, prove them wrong every time.

    Class Rules



    We will respect each other at all times. These rules go for me as much as they go for you. This rule includes not speaking when I’m speaking, not speaking when your classmates are speaking, packing your materials when the bell RINGS and not 3 minutes beforehand, etc.


    This should be under respect because it is disrespectful to waste my time and your classmates time by being late. When you are late, I have to fill you in on what happened before you came in. That wastes precious class time and will surely annoy the classmates that make sure they are on time.


    Even when I’m corny. I will laugh at your jokes, and we’ll have a good time and do a lot of learning simultaneously.


    These rules are enforced throughout the entire school and must be followed in our classroom as well.


    Not just physically, mentally as well. I want you here with me everyday for 60 minutes. Missing class means missing a lot of valuable information. You must make every effort to be in class every single day.