• PSI Chemistry 

     PSI Physics and Algebra are pre-requisites to this course; the work done in PSI Physics is applied and expanded upon to explain macroscopic phenomenon through an understanding of the microscopic. The course is both quantitative and qualitative in nature, so mathematics will often be applied to the solving of problems.  Topics include the Atom and Period Table of Elements, Bonding, Chemical Reactions, States of Matter, Intermolecular Forces, Thermodynamics, Acids and Bases, Redox Reactions, Organic Chemistry and more.

     Throughout the year, students will be involved in problem-solving activities on an individual, small group and large group basis.  Through this process the ability to read and understand problems, break them down into their component parts and then create and present solutions will be developed.  

    Students who have successfully completed this course will be well prepared for PSI Biology. In fact, the last two chapters of this course apply the principles of chemistry to biology.  In the biology course, a similar approach of developing a microscopic understanding in order to explain macroscopic phenomena plays a key role.

    1 Credit: Full Year Course with a Lab. Prerequisites: Physics, Algebra I

    PSI Chemistry - Honors

    This course represents the first year in a comprehensive two year sequence of chemistry; students who elect to go on to the second year course, PSI AP Chemistry, will be prepared to take the AP Exam at the end of that course. The honors course will follow the same curriculum as the general chemistry course, however, the pace may be accelerated to allow for enrichment and more in-depth discovery of topics.

    1 Credit: Full Year Course with a Lab. Prerequisite: Physics-Honors, Algebra I, teacher recommendation*

    AP Chemistry

    *Teacher recommendations are strongly encouraged since a teacher has evaluated required skills/maturity and will have assessed likelihood of success.


    Organic Chemistry/Introduction to Biochemistry