• Team Rules

    Team Rules

    The following team guidelines have been developed so you as a player understand the commitment and expectations that have been placed on you for the season. There are three important factors during the season that must be kept in prospective and in order, they are…

    1. Family 2. Academics 3. Bowling
    Respect your parents or guardians at all times. They are the most important
    people in your life, treat them that way!
    1. Strive to do your best in school.
    2. Keep up with classes and maintain good grades.
    3. At all times represent yourself, coaches, teammates and sport well.
    4. Good attitude in class carries over to a good attitude on the field.
    5. Respect and act properly towards teachers and administrators.
    6. Let the coaching staff know of any concerns or problems in a class.
    7. Be on time to school and all classes.
    8. No Drugs, Tobacco or Alcohol at any time.
    9. Be responsible for your actions.
    1. Win with character; lose with dignity
    2. Play with purpose and vision.
    3. Show and demonstrate good sportsmanship throughout the season.
    4. Be present both physically and mentally at each practice and game playing at your highest level possible.
    5. Keep a positive and healthy attitude.
    6. Help teammates become better players
    7. Keep physically healthy.
    8. Be on time to practice and games.
    9. Never bring disgrace to the team.
    10. Enjoy the "The Beautiful Game".

    I will follow these team guidelines at all times during the school year. I understand that my failure to do so could lead to disciplinary actions by the coaching staff and/or the administration of Perth Amboy High School.
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