• Spanish 3 

    Course Description

    This course continues with emphasis on the active learning of the Spanish language through the three modes of communication (interpretative, interpersonal and

    presentational) as specified in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for World Language.  A variety of exercises and activities are designed to help the student to gain

    greater proficient in the five basic skills in the language:  understanding, speaking, reading, writing, and culture.  Through the study of the Spanish language all students will

    make connections with other content areas, compare the Spanish language and culture studied with their own, and participate in home and global communities.



    Spanish Literature II

    Course Despcription

    The curriculum was created for the purpose of addressing native language instruction as a bridge to develop language and cultural literacy in the native language. 

    Consequently, this will create an environment in which students' background knowledge and personal experiences are valued and utilized, leading to a differentiated quality

    instruction based on students' needs.


    Spanish Literature II is designed to support students and one of its goals is to further develop student college readiness by integrating literacy.  Students have the

    opportunity to develop and utilize a variety of higher order skills that will enable them to achieve a greater proficiency in their native language and across all content areas. 

    The Spanish Literature II format offers language instruction that will result in effective and Spanish native speaker program of instruction while students are becoming

    proficient in learning academic Spanish language.  It is intended to inspire and motivate them by providing students with a creative and enjoyable learning environment. 

    Consequently, students will develop academic language and cultural literacy in Spanish, as they go on to become prepared global citizens.