Learning Outcomes:

    After completion of this course, the students will demonstrate basic knowledge in each of the following.
    1. Lab safety
    2. Interpreting and analyzing data, communicating results
    3. Characteristics of living organisms
    4. Basics differentiating characteristics of the five kingdoms
    5. Macromolecules form and function
    6. Cell Specialization and homeostasis
    7. Structural characteristics of prokaryote and eukaryote cells
    8. Mechanisms of membrane transport
    9. Basic concept of bioenergetics, photosynthesis, and cellular respiration
    10. Mechanism and function of cellular reproduction
    11. Mendelian genetics and genetic change
    12. Role of Nucleic acids in the cell
    13. Mechanisms of protein synthesis and regulation of gene expression
    14. Basic concepts in biotechnology
    15. Basic events in the origin of life
    16. Basic concepts of variation, natural selection, and speciation
    17. Impact of human activity on biodiversity