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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    ALL IN Mission Statement

    Every student at Perth Amboy High School can fully engage in their school community while growing socially, emotionally and academically through human relationships and engagement.


    • What is ALL IN?


    • ALL IN provides a safe space where diversity is encouraged and celebrated in the pursuit to better our school community for every individual - staff and student
    • Members of ALL IN will be provided support in fully participating and attending school events, clubs, after-school activities, and other opportunities within the community


    • What do the club members do in the ALL IN Club?


    • Recruit members from all life experiences and backgrounds to offer a safe space with peer models, inclusivity and relationship building
    • Partner with other school organizations and clubs to provide support and assistance with their volunteer opportunities and events (e.g. Student Council, Unified Sports, school garden, Healthier Perth Amboy)
    • Plan inclusive events throughout the year to foster social engagement (e.g. lunch activities, community events, and dances)


    • What events/ activities will be happening this school year for the  ALL IN Club?


    • Social events, such as community and lunch outings, dances, and more
    • Event planning and network building with partners within the school community and the community of Perth Amboy
    • Virtual and in-person leisure activities and events (e.g. Movie Night, Escape Rooms, Murder Mysteries, Music Bingo, Live Fitness classes)