• Panther Volleyball Expectations 


    • COMMITMENT IS A MUST!!!!! Your attendance at every practice is absolutely necessary. Coming late or missing a practice or game shows a lack of commitment and respect for your coach and team. If you miss a practice or match you will be benched for the next scheduled match. NO EXCEPTIONS.


    • Your conduct on and off the court is expected to be mature and sportsmanship like.
    • You must control your emotions. Absolutely NO swearing will be allowed at any time.
    • After practice or a match, everyone is expected to leave school grounds. Pick up time should not exceed 10 minutes. Players not picked up within 10 minutes will be benched for the first set of the next scheduled match.

    School Conduct

    • You are a student athlete. School comes first. Do not forget these priorities.
    • FULL DAY ATTENDANCE is required to participate in a match.
    • You must maintain your grades throughout the entire season. School comes first!
    • If you get suspended from school, you will be asked to turn in your uniform.

    Game Conduct

    • Athletes must conduct themselves in a positive manner.
    • Set the tone when you step onto the court. HUSTLE at all times!
    • Respect your opponents. No taunting of opponents is allowed.
    • Respect the referees. Never question a call or respond in a disrespectful fashion.
    • Show good sportsmanship at all times. Maintain a high character. It is one of the most important traits you will carry with you your entire life.

    Transportation Conduct

    • Quiet conversation will be allowed. No yelling,screaming, or loud music is necessary or allowed.
    • Focus on the match. Know what your job is and what the goal is every time you ride the bus. On the way there, focus on executing your skills. On the way home, reflect on what you did, what can you do to improve your skills.
    • We will clean up the bus after every trip, put up any windows and thank the bus driver for driving.

    Equipment Care

    • You are responsible for cleaning your own uniform, and it must be clean for each match.
    • If you forget any part of your uniform for a match, a replacement will NOT be given. 
    • At the conclusion of the season ALL uniform apparel must be returned. If the uniform is not returned, you will not be able to participate in further sports until it is turned in. Further actions may also be used.
    • Every team member is responsible for the set up and take down of the net and poles and collection of all volleyball equipment. During home matches, benches must be cleared as well.