• United States History II 



    If you need to reach me: anthpannullo@paps.net 



    • There will be Benchmark 1 in marking period one 
    • There will be a midterm 
    • There may possibly be Benchmark 2 
    • There will be a final exam 
    • There will be DBQ’s once a marking period 


    Grading System 

    • 60% will be tests 
    • 35% will be classwork 
    • 5% will be homework 



    • Show respect to your fellow students when they are speaking. 
    • Debates can occur and are encouraged, but they will be respectful. 
    • Do now's will be posted on Google Classroom 
    • Questions are encouraged, do not be afraid to ask. 
    • Homework and assignments are expected to be completed on time.  
    • Phones will be put away. When you are doing independent work, you may listen to music only.  
    • Please bring a notebook/ your chromebook to class. 
    • Late work will be accepted for full grade up until one week. After one week, you’ll still receive a grade. 
    • Do Now's will be posted on Google Classroom, you will get a weekly classwork grade for their completion.  


    Classroom Jobs 

    • Every Friday the class will vote for a Paper Hand Back Representative, and a Bathroom Monitor. 
    • The Paper Hand Back Representative will assist me with handing back papers to the class. 
    • The Bathroom Monitor will help assist me with keeping track of who needs to go to the bathroom and if anyone is currently using it.  
    • Payment will be received on Monday, 1 Homework Pass, and every Monday a new vote will take place every Friday. 



    This is a full year course of United States History starting from the Roaring Twenties to the present era. It is the second course of a required three-year sequence in social studies. U.S. History II continues and develops a historical understanding and appreciation of American history that was begun in U.S. History I. The emphasis will be on students expanding their cognitive thinking skills that support their ability to challenge assumptions, think creatively, and recall social studies concepts learned previously, including the four themes of history, economics, civics, and geography.


    Most importantly, the US History II course will improve students’ proficiency in reading, writing, and communication. Unlike many history curriculums, this unit utilizes fiction and non-fiction sources to complement the information. There is a lot of study and analysis of primary sources and critical viewings of documentaries and films. Students are required to use higher order critical thinking skills throughout.