• Department of Special Services email address therberrios@paps.net
    My schedule is the following as of 10-15-2021:
    period 1
    T.Berrios ESL 3   
    period 2 Monday-Lab Ms. Lopez
    period 3-Monday Lab Mrs. Kusulas
    period 4 Biology with Mrs. Kusulas-Period 5 Lab Wednesdays
    period 7-Algebra 2-Mr.Pizarro
    period 8-World History-Mr. Bello
    period 9-Algebra 2-Mr. Rincon
  • Please join the Google Classroom according to the email/invite I sent out September 2,2020.

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  • GRADUATION CHANGES       The new requirements for graduation as per the letter from the principal/DOE include the following: passing PARCC  

    CLASS of 2021-First Pathway-Take and Pass ELA Grade 10.=750(level 4) 

    • Second Pathway-Meet the criteria of the NJDOE Portfolio appeal for ELA
    • Math Criteria-First Pathwway-ELA-Take and Pass PARCC AlgebraI.=750(level 4)**
    • Math Pathway Two-Meet the cirteria of the NJDOE Portfolio Appeal for Math (this is only eligible if a student takes all PARCC tests associated with HS level courses for which they were eligible*
    • Guidance counselors are meeting with your children regarding these changes. You may call them or the principal if you have any questions. 
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  •  This year my schedule (as of 9/4/20) is: Homeroom and (pd1)  English4,English 2(pd2),(pd4-5)(lab W)Chemistry,English 3 (pd8-9)   I look forward to working with your children. Please feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions:  therberrios@paps.net.

     Please note: The new graduation requirements are included on the PAHS homepage under "new graduation requirements." Please click on the link and read the letter from the principal. It is written in English and Spanish.  You may want to check with guidance and the NJDOE website for updated information on graduation requirements as they  may have changed for this year.  

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