Biology Syllabus 2020

    A key goal of the course is to give students a way to explore the modern scientific view of the world. By the end of this course students will have a perspective on the world, and how it works, which will empower them to follow their interests in any direction after high school.  The main focus is on the foundations of study of life; how it was formed, how living things are structured and how they interact.  The course will also apply concepts of biology into various other fields of science such as chemistry, environmental studies, social science & biotechnologies. 

    Nature of Science

    • Safety in scienc lab
    • How to make models and graphs
    • Plan a lab

    Characteristics of Life

    • What is a living thing?
    • Properties of Water
    • Types of Cells - plant, animal & bacteria
    • Molecules of living things - carbs, proteins, fats & nucleic acids



    • Genes - DNA
    • Traits & diseases
    • Mutations
    • Mitotsis & Meiosis



    • Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection

    • Mechanisms of Evolution



    Photosynthesis & Respiration

    Ecology & Human Activity



    Student final grades will consist of class assignments, quizzes, tests, labs and designated projects.  Projects will include several computer based activities but also hands on presentations or research assignments.  Quarterly Exams will also be a requirement, as per Administration.