• chemistry


    Course Description 2023

    Upon completion of the course, the student should have a clear understanding of the history of chemistry, the scientific approach to problem-solving (scientific method), the structure of the atom, how atoms form substances, the relationship between matter and energy, chemical reactions and an understanding of laboratory safety. 

    Students will also understand the importance of chemistry in our everyday lives - from medication and household cleaners, to plastic polymers, and fireworks!  They will truly understand “Better Living Through Chemistry”…and discover possible career choices.


     How do you learn best?

    Everyone is more comfortable and open when in an environment of mutual respect and trust.  Classmates should be valued and supported, no matter what. 

    Course Outline 

    • Lab Safety, Scientific Method & Measurement
    • What is Chemistry and Matter?
    • Nature of Matter & Light, Discovering Atomic Structure
    • Current Atomic Structure
    • Ions and Isotopes, Average Atomic Masses
    • The Periodic Table and Periodic Trends
    • Ionic Bonding and Covalent Bonding
    • Chemical Reactions and Balancing Equations
    • Types of Chemical Reactions
    • Gas Laws
    • Properties of Water
    • Biology Preview: Organic Chemistry (trust me, you know more about it than you think you do!)

    Classroom Coursework

    Assignments will consist of class participation, daily notes and practice/application of material.  There will also be weekly quizzes & tests.  Labs will also be conducted on a regular basis. Research projects will also be assigned throughout the year.  Current event research activities will also be conducted.  Movies, TV series & documentaries will also be analyzed. 

    Your future starts now!

    Let’s have a great school year!


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