Unit Goal: To introduce all cadets to the elements of leadership, the meaning of citizenship, the value of scholastics in attaining life   goals, and to develop in each cadet a growing sense of pride in unit, school, community, country and self.                                    
    Cadets lead the Perth Amboy NJROTC program under the supervision of their Naval Science Instructors. 
    -Leaders are selected based on leadership aptitude, Sustained superior performance and participation in unit activities.
    -All Cadets participate in various degrees of the program, but more is expected of the Senior Cadet Staff.
     Our Mission is: 
    To instill in students the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment. 


        THE GOALS of NJROTC Program are to;

    Promote patriotism
    Develop informed and responsible citizens.
    Develop leadership potential.
    Promote habits of orderliness and precision and to develop respect for constituted authority.
    Develop a high degree of personal honor, self-reliance, individual discipline, and leadership.
    Promote an understanding of the basic elements and requirements for national security.
    Develop respect for and an understanding of the need for constituted authority in a democratic society.
    Provide incentives to live healthy and drug free.