• Course descriptions as written in the Perth Amboy Curriculum Course Guide


    English 2

    Course Description

     English II is a required course designed to help students master the skills to be independent critical thinkers, readers, and writers while introducing students to different genres in literature (novel, play, epic, poetry, memoir). Students will attain an understanding of each genre’s key features through the reading of complex literature and informational texts.  The aim is to delve into texts through close-reading--not glide over the surface.  These studies will also encourage the development of communication skills, including grammar, research presentation, composition, and vocabulary. By the end of the course, students will have a solid foundation on which to build their skills, moving forward toward more sophisticated texts and synthesis.


    College Research Writing

    Course Description

    This class is specifically designed to equip students with writing, language and 21st century skills they need to be successful in a rapidly changing world.  Students will receive in-depth instruction capturing students’ interests through engaging writing assignments and projects and follow through with aligned instruction and practice.  Embedded in the units are English Conventions exercises, so students can improve their grammar and mechanic skills in their writing.  Students will read and analyze various mentor texts for the various rhetorical devices, diction and structures writers use to convey their messages and apply this knowledge in their own writings. By exploring different types of writings, students will see how writers write differently for different purposes, audiences and occasions.   Students will gain insight how their writing skills are not just limited to a school setting but a necessity in the work place and apply these writing skills in real life work place scenarios.  The overarching goal of this course is the provide students writing strategies and skills to help them become stronger and more rounded writers.  As a result of this course, students will be more prepared in their application of synthesis and expository writing.  Practice and exposure in research embedded topics will prepare students for the nature of assignments they will encounter in college, career and beyond.


    Test Skills

    Course Description

    The purpose of this course is to improve competency in language arts and mathematical skills. Students will review and extend their language arts skills in reading fiction and non-fiction as well as writing narrative, informative and argumentative essays.  Students will review and extend their mathematical, cognitive, and analytical skills in arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. Students enrolled in this course will be exposed to questions and answers seen on State and National Standardized Tests as well as suggestions on how to improve their score. Emphasis will be placed on extensive practice using strategies to solve problems modeled after those frequently tested on State and college admission tests. Test-taking techniques and strategies will be covered thoroughly in this course so students will gain confidence that they will achieve their highest score possible when they take these assessments.  Students will also prepare a portfolio of work that will be reviewed by the State in case the students test scores do not meet the State graduation requirements.