Look for the following athletes out on the Track or competing on the Field:
    Aaliyah Dean- middle distances/ hurdles/ sprints/ relays
    Alicia Ciprian- distance/ throws
    Lisbeth De los Santos- sprints/ relays
    Sarai De Aza- sprints/ jumps
    Angely Diaz- distance
    Camila Guayasamin- distance
    Patricia Gomez- distance
    Patience Johnson- sprints/relays/ jumps
    Ashley Perez- middle distance/ distance/ relays
    Elanah Pugh- distance
    Shanelle Vilario- sprints/ relays
    Jesely Diaz- sprints/ relays
    Jayleyn Garden- sprints/ relays
    Lezlie Hilario- sprints/ hurdles/ relays
    Mariely Libran- sprints/relays/ throws
    Janai Pegeron- sprints/relays/  throws
    Tefani Batista- sprints/hurdles/  relays
    Maira Ceballo- sprints/ relays
    Faith Clark- throws
    Merlin Garcia- sprints/ relays
    Ayomide Fugbayi- throws
    Lily Larmonie- sprints/ middle distance/ relays
    Nancy Martinez- middle distance/ distance
    Mia  Pearson- sprints/ relays
    Skarlette  Rodriguez- sprints/ hurdles/ relays
    Tiffany Zou- sprints/ middle distance/ relays