Welcome to Chemistry Classroom!!!!!

    We aim to become scientific literate citizens of our community that inquire about real world applications of concepts in chemistry. We will learn to effectively (1) analyze data, (2) think critically, and (3) problem-solve to predict and explain chemical processes and controversies.

    Scientists do not make new discoveries by simply listening to others lecture. Real scientists learn by practicing science in collaboration with other learners. In this course we will work hard and efficiently to make our own discoveries to better understand chemical concepts. We will gain skills that will improve the way we explore problems in our daily lives and make decisions that affect our environment.



    Course Overview:

    Unit 1: Matter & Its Properties

    Unit 2: Chemical Mathematics I

    Unit 3: The Atomic Structure

    Unit 4: The Periodic Table

    Unit 5: Ionic Compounds & Metallic Bonding

    Unit 6: Covalent Compounds

    Unit 7: The Mole (Chem Math II)

    Unit 8: Chemical Reactions


    Unit 9: Stoichiometry (Chem Math III)

    Unit 10: Gases

    Unit 11: Chemical Solutions

    Unit 12: Thermodynamics

    Unit 13: Rates of Reactions

    Unit 14: Chemical Equilibrium

    Unit 15:  Acids and Bases

    Unit 16: Nuclear Chemistry

    Unit 17: Electrochemistry (Redox Rxns)