• Program Director ~ Mr. Wilson
    The Program Director has overall control of all journalistic and technical aspects of the show (and the classroom). The Program Director is also responsible for the accuracy, legality, suitability and style of all reports and information that goes out to the viewers.
    He guides the news team in deciding:
    1. Which stories will be covered.
    2. How long the individual reports will be.
    3. If visuals (video or graphics) are needed.
    4. Who will present them.
    5. Which order the reports will appear in the program.
    All of this information is contained in the program running order, which is given during the weekly staff meeting and is organized by the Executive Producer. The running order is the order in which the stories and announcements appear on the program. It often contains key details about each of the reports.
    Although the Program Director has overall control of the "Classroom," The Panthers' Roar is produced for students, by students.
    2016-2017 Editorial Board 
    * Meets outside of class once a week or as needed. 
    News Directors ~ Maria Ramirez & Deonte Freeman 

    Like Editors in Chief for a newspaper, the News Directors oversee the entire show, assign stories to the staff, help review and edit stories, write anchor scripts and more.

    Sports Producers ~ Celines Perez & Selena DeLaPaz 

    Sports Producers are passionate about sports and like to report on things related to athletics. The sports producers work with coaches, players, booster clubs and others to produce the game highlights and stories that you see every Wednesday on the Sports Update.

    Features Producers ~ Lissette Iglesias & Mileycha Vargas  

    All of those fun stories about people, art and culture are developed and overseen by the Features Producers. In addition to their own stories, they help other crew work on all feature content.

    Online/Social Media Producer ~ Loriangie Antonetti 

    Oversees all content on our website (headlines, excerpts, video embeds, blogs, etc.)

    Oversees all of our social media accounts (content, style, grammar, etc.)

    Special Assignments Producers ~ Joshua Tirado & Manuel Rodriguez 
    Produce segments such as Question of the Week and videos for the Dance Concert; responsibilities also include producing the VPAM Showcase Telethon and other shows and projects that come up throughout the year. 

    *These are working positions; which means everyone on the editorial board must also produce stories, working as reporters/photographers.

    **Students work in pairs for each news package.  The reporter is in charge of research, writing, interviewing, and the overall story effectiveness.  The photographer shoots and edits the video, records/mixes audio, and creates graphics.  Even though there is a division of labor here, we get the best results when a team works together seamlessly.

    Other Staff Positions:
    Director: Selena DeLaPaz 
    Anchors: Joshua Tirado & Maria Ramirez
    Technical Director: Deonte Freeman 
    Audio: Celines Perez
    Teleprompter: Lissette Iglesias
    Floor Managers: Mileycha Vargas & Manuel Rodriguez
    Promotions:  Loriangie Antonetti