• Course Description: 

    *Prerequisite: Television Production Foundations or recommendation from instructor based on portfolio review.

    Through projects and cooperative learning, students will learn the techniques to communicate accurately and efficiently to a mass audience using industry standard technologies in a high-paced, career simulated environment. Students will be responsible for informing the Perth Amboy High School community of important events, activities and accomplishments through the Panthers' Roar morning show. Video journalism, newsgathering and studio production skills will be fine-tuned while producing stories for the morning show; students will follow a 3-week production cycle over the course of the school year. Students will also be responsible for producing short films for the All American High School Film Festival (October 2016) and the New Jersey High School Film Challenge (April 2017).

    *Students are required to participate in projects after school and on weekends.
    3-Week Production Cycle






    -Producers meet with groups
    -Assignments are given

    *DUE (Idea Web)

    -Story Outline

    -Interview Questions

    Final Day for News Director/Producer VO checks.


    *DUE (Story Form)

    -Contact Information

    -100% Confirmed Sources

    -Angle & Focus Statement

    Huddle - Develop Story Ideas for next cycle.

    Edits & Revisions


    Edits & Revisions


    *DUE (Story Form)


    -Broll List



    *Story DUE!

    Edits & Revisions



    -Footage (logged & captured in FCP)


    -Web Posting

    News Directors/Producers check & evaluate.


    Work on Story Outline & Interview Questions.

    *Due Monday (Idea Web)

    -News Director/Producer VO checks

    -Reshoot unacceptable footage

    Work on contacts & angles for next story.

    Other student news sites: