• Weebly Guidelines

     Follow these steps when developing your online student digital portfolio site 

    ●    Go to http://www.weebly.com and sign up with your student email and password. YOU are the owner of this site. 

    ●    Have a professional production name for your site when you sign up. 

    ●    Once you sign up, you must send me your URL.

    ●    At minimum, you need a:


    ○    Home page

     -with a brief bio.

    ○    Equipment Knowledge  

    -Sony PD 170 DV Camcorder
    Other Equipment
    -Handheld XLR Microphone
    -Manfrotto Tripod
    -Final Cut Pro 10 

    ○    My Work page

     -with all of the videos that you produced.


    ○    blog page

     -submit a blog entry for each video you produced.


    At least 1 photo image that is owned by you must appear on each site


    ●    You must blog after every video project. So once your video is complete: 

    ○    Upload it SchoolTube 

    ○    Embed into Weebly

    ○    Blog about the good, the bad and the ugly of that particular video.


    ■    This is also a great time to share a back story, or write about elements of the story that you had to cut from the published project.


    After that, you can blog as much as you want and add pages if you want. Design is up to you. 

    I can help with a little instruction on the design, such as: 

    ○    Layout 

    ○    Color

    ○    Font

    ○    Using link outs rather than long URLs 

    To begin, watch these video tutorials. They will take you step by step in developing your site.

    Don’t wait! Get started now.

    Weebly Beginner’s Guide Tutorials



    Student Examples: